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Are you considering hosting your wedding ceremony/reception in a luxury hotel?

Over the last two weeks, we have been blogging about the pros and cons of hosting a Chinese wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception in restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area, New York area, Southern California, Los Angeles area and Vancouver areas.  If you flip back to our last several posts, you will also find examples of restaurants in their respective geographical locations.

We are now going to switch gears and touch upon hotels.  A hotel is defined as an establishment providing accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists.  There are definite some pros and cons when considering a hotel for a wedding.

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Pros – if you have a larger number of out of town guests, these settings are usually ideal.  Guests do not need to find their way around the city after attending your fabulous wedding reception.  They can simply return to their pre-booked hotel rooms.  Five Star Luxury hotels in Toronto, New York, Vancouver, southern California, Los Angeles and Bali offer not only impeccable choice of cuisines, but service as well.  Again as a wedding designer, these spaces are generally considered a blank canvas so that we can help couples showcase their aesthetic styles.  If you book a boutique hotel or one that has a rich architectural history, it is an added bonus since there are likely some fabulous signature vignettes where wedding photographs can be taken right on the hotel premises itself.  Most luxury hotels will even provide a complimentary room for the bride and groom for their wedding night.

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Cons – generally these upscale luxury hotels are found in the downtown core of the city.  Therefore parking is often NOT included and your guests will need to pay for parking on their own.  As an alternative, some hotels may have a preferred rate; if you as the host cover the parking charges for your guests.  Almost all luxury hotels will NOT allow outside Chinese catering.  Therefore, some hotels may not be able to accommodate a true authentic Chinese wedding reception menu but offer something that is more of an Asian fusion selection.  Some couples may still find that a hotel ballroom is too much of a “box” style environment.  These hotel ballrooms can also look to “bland” and “convention hall like” without decor being brought in.

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