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B-I-O…All about engraving wedding invitations #1

B-I-O…By Invitation Only.  What your invitations look like is important.  Here are the 12 different print methods or styles that you can have your wedding invitations done.

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul.  For all intensive purposes, we feel that the wedding invitation is that “eye” into the wedding celebrations that you want your guests to experience.  From the touch and feel of the paper itself, to the captivating words on the invitation – It can set the tone on what is to come.  We’re going to be exploring the different print methods for wedding invitations and hopefully you’ll find the one(s) the you like best and wish to showcase.

Engraving – Generally this is the most formal and most expensive.  Its beauty is distinctively elegant.  Engraving is a process that requires a design to be cut in reverse into a plate (otherwise known as a die) made of a relatively hard material such as copper and zinc.  The die making technology has its own long history and requires significant skill and experience to create.  The finished plate is usually covered in ink, and then the excess ink is removed from all of the un-etched portions of the plate.  The plate is then pressed into soft paper (some prefer high cotton rag content) at very high pressure.  The paper is actually pushed into the groves of the plate with the resulting design being slightly raised but definitely having a 3-dimensional appearance on the surface of the paper and covered in ink.  Engraving is ideal for printing light colors on dark paper, and for metallics that gleam as in no other process.

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