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B-I-O…All about home printed wedding invitations #8

B-I-O….By Invitation Only.

Home Computer Printing – Perfect for informal invitations.  This type of printing seems to be the most cost effective when you are on a tight budget.  You can still use elegant fonts and create beautiful borders and frills with the right software.  However you will likely need to purchase extra paper stock for trial and error plus set aside several weekends.

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The major issues brides seem to have is making it print straight and having the enormous amount of hours it takes to develop a cohesive design, source the different elements to the invitations from envelopes, paper stock, ribbon and other embellishments.  If most brides were to calculate what they earn at work per hour, an apply it to their invitation projects – they would soon realize that they haven’t actually saved any money.  There is the illusion of saving money.  However, you can never put a price tag on how much your time is worth so if you really want to go down this road – be prepared to work at it.  Image if you have 150 invitations to print, glue, fold, tie, hole punch, cut, etc. – just how much time would it really take?


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For our full wedding planning clients, we actually include stationery design as part of our program – which is the best blend of DIY on an enhanced level.  We help you design, source, create, and facilitate the printing processes.  All you have to do is the assembly.  If you’ve got two left thumbs, no worries – we can contract staff to help with the assembly as well.  Please feel free to give us a shout at


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