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Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber from Bachelor Canada wedding predictions

Ok, besides their wedding video – if we can locate it on-line one day, this will likely be the last interview of Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber from the Bachelor Canada that we will post on our blog.  We absolutely adore this loving couple.  We will be the first to admit, that we are quite sappy when it comes to couples in LOVE.

Now here some of our wedding predictions:

1) They will likely stay local to one of their home towns.  Although their engagement was magical in Barbados, we feel that they will want a wedding where their family and friends can be present.  They’ve done enough jet setting for the time being and really need to have some time to focus on just being a couple with their family and friends.

2) They will have security.  Hopefully for their sakes, they will be able to have an intimate ceremony unlike Trista and Ryan who had helicopters flying overhead.

3) Guests will include some of the Bachelor Canada family of executives and maybe even some of the other women as a show of gratitude for getting them together.

4) Since they both seem to have a sense of humour – we won’t be surprised if the word “cheeseburger” comes up when they say their vows.

5) Brad will cry!  Past experience during their engagement makes this one easy to predict.

6) High heel shoes – Bianka will be sporting a pair of designer high heels given Brad’s stature and height.  Did you notice the heels that she was wearing in the interview?

7) This wedding will be ultra formal and ultra luxurious.

8) Bianka’s wedding gown will be in off-white.  She will look fabulous in anything, but we’d love to see her in a mermaid or fit-to-flare silhouette.

9) Privacy and confidentiality will be a must – like so many other celebrities, privacy is of utmost importance. Therefore many of the more intimate wedding details will be “mumm’s”. Although we’d love to hear the full scoop, there are many things that should not be available for the public.

10) Hire a wedding planner – if they have celebrations in Toronto, then hiring a wedding planner will be an asset to their team. They are busy with post-Bachelor interviews and simply enjoying their time as a couple open in the public now. They will need someone who can help pull their details together. We must say cheers to the happy couple and what an honour it would be to help plan their celebrations.

We believe that all couples; celebrity or not sure have wedding celebrations of a lifetime.  What are some of your predictions for Brad and Bianka’s wedding?  We’d love to hear from you.



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