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Cake Stand = Wedding Cake as Jewels = Wedding Gown

I recently had a bride ask me if a cake stand was really needed for her wedding cake. It actually made me stop and think. Quite frankly, I told her – I’d never seen a wedding cake displayed at a wedding without a stand. For me, a cake stand is the accessory to the wedding cake itself. Yes, the cake may have some really distinctive details already, but I believe you still need a cake stand. Just think about your own wedding gown. Does it not have pretty beadwork, lace patterns and/or and exquisite silhouette? With this incredible style, didn’t you just accesorize with a veil, tiara or hair pins, not to mention the bling bling jewellry? In my humble opinion, a wedding cake without a cake stand simply looks incomplete.

Essentially a cake stand is a decorative plate. Sometimes it can be elevated on legs or a pedestal. It is designed to draw attention to a dessert by elevating it closer to eye level and setting it apart from everything else on the table.

According to, cake stands were first mentioned in print in the 1600s when they were referred to as “salvers”. The original purpose of the cake stand had little to do with cake or decoration. They were used to serve everything from food to beer to guests. These serving trays were thought to help reduce spills on carpets and guests’ clothing. Salvers, or cake stands as they were later to be called, were introduced into the United States in 1770 and they quickly gained popularity for their style and functionality.

Here is one example of really elegant cake stands featured at a wedding planned by Asian Fusion Weddings that were produced by Wedding by Wendy.

This hexagon 3 tier wedding cake was accented with a pink cherry blossom motif and set on a round silver cake stand.


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