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Chinese Wedding Planner seeks out Unique Wedding Venues in Toronto

I’m always grateful when there is an opportunity to provide wedding planning tips to couples. Here is an article that Asian Fusion Weddings was recently featured in by Renee Ferguson on

When picking the perfect wedding venue there are a lot of things to consider. So we’re looking to professional wedding planner and designer Wendy Lee from Asian Fusion Weddings.

chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, palais royale

Lee finds that there are a few key components that must be considered when “selecting the right venue for that right couple. There’s really got to be a great fit between the two.” Her top two key components are utilization of space and cuisine options.

chinese wedding planner, outdoor wedding ceremony, palais royale

1) Utilization of space – Wendy takes her clients through a comprehensive approach to design that considers all aspects of an event and the way the couple and their guests interact within the event environment.

chinese wedding planner, outdoor wedding ceremony, palais royale

2) Cuisine – Wendy helps couples facilitate the selection of cuisine options depending on the couple’s religious and/or cultural requirements and preferences. This is particularly vital as many of her clients are trying to incorporate more than one culture into their wedding celebrations as both are not necessarily from the same background.

chinese wedding planner, shirley sweet creations, wedding cake, palais royale

So when Lee came across the Palais Royale for her couple Amy Yu and David Paskar’s she knew it was the perfect fit. It was originally used as a boat house and closely tied in with Sunnyside. It was then converted into a successful dance hall. In 1974, the building was listed as a Toronto Historic site. “Not only is the venue a beautifully restored and stunning facility, but the history behind it is a like a fairytale for the couple” says Lee. The groom’s grandmother danced there in her younger days and since the couple are avid Dragon Boat racers – it was fairly easy to realize that this was going to be a fabulous fit for her couple. Yu and Paskar states that “very early in the process, Wendy listened very carefully to our visions and helped us secure the beautiful, lake-front venue which was picture-perfect for our outdoor ceremony”.

chinese wedding planner, cool green and shady, palais royale

For Yu and Paskar’s wedding, there were South Asian hors d’oeuvres, the main entrees were a fusion of East Asian (from an outside caterer) and Western food and the evening was capped off with a full European sweets and savoury Western food stations. Palais Royale exceeded this couple’s expectations of being the waterfront outdoor wedding location that could accommodate all their cultural dietary requirements.

Chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, palais royale

Stunning, flexible catering, historic, and of course grand Palais Royale is a great wedding venue destination for the unique Toronto couple. And a great way to find a venue like this; hire a wedding planner. Lee states that “one of the professional wedding planner’s roles is to streamline the venue selection process and assist the couple to make a well informed decision”.

chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, palais royale

Wendy Lee specializes in Asian Fusion weddings where East marries West. You can find out more by visiting her website


Wedding Planner and Designer – Wendy Lee at
Photographer – Stephen Sager at Sager Photography
Wedding Cake – Shirley Nguyen at Shirley’s Sweet Creations
Ceremony Florals and Head Table Decor – Wendy Lee at
Centrepieces and Body Flowers – Amber at Cool Green and Shady

Luxurious Centrepieces for Toronto Weddings

Thank you for the many compliments on our WedLuxe Bridal Booth table top display.  We were really inspired by the linen that we found.  It might seem a little “unconventional” for a wedding, but we felt the ”dare to be different” itch.  We chose to go dark!!  Yes, that’s right – our linen was the darkest one at the bridal show from what we can tell.  We also wanted to showcase a formal dining setting; not ultra formal but relatively formal.  This was purposefully done for two reasons; 1) the forecasted wedding trend for 2012 is the swing towards formal weddings again and 2) we wanted to showcase Kate Spade’s collection of fine china, crystal and flatware.

We love sparkle because it provides an air of refined elegance.  It is not ostentatious.  It provides both a subtle yet upscale feel of sophistication.  Close your eyes for just one minute, and imagine an entire room done up just like our table top.  A timeless, romantic, and luxurious ambiance is what we are known to help couples produce.

toronto wedding planner does chinese weddings

Apparently our table top drew brides that were looking for ways of incorporating a purple wedding theme, Asian brides wanting to know how to blend East and West into their wedding celebrations, mothers who were looking for a formal dining setting, and many more.  We were even approached by someone who wanted to purchase our bride and groom Swarovski chairs right from our booth at the end of the show!!

toronto wedding planner does chinese weddings

Here’s another close-up shot of our place setting.  We didn’t leave any details to chance.  Everything on the table had a purpose and a function.

toronto wedding planner does chinese weddings

What Asian Fusion Wedding table top would this be if we didn’t include LOVE chopsticks!

toronto wedding planner does chinese weddings

So many of you asked about these mini cakes.  They were designed by our good friend Shirley Sweet Creations.

toronto wedding planner does chinese weddings


These blogs posts would also not be possible with the help of another good friend Rosetta Li Weddings who captured these intricate details for all to see.



Inaugural WedLuxe Bridal Show Exceeds Expectations

Well, if you did not happen to make it out to this show – you REALLY missed a phenomenal first class bridal show.  Please don’t just take my word for it; since I might be a little biased being an exhibitor.  Just google WedLuxe show and read it all for yourself!!

There was about 2000 attendees that passed through the doors of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  After checking in their coats, they passed through an amazing tunnel of rose heads to get into the exhibits.  I wish computers could pass fragrance through because the scent was heavenly!

Photo credits: Rosetta Li weddings


toronto wedding planner does chinese wedding traditions


toronto wedding planner does chinese wedding traditions


toronto wedding planner does chinese wedding traditions







List of Exhibitors at the WedLuxe Magazine Bridal Show.

Here is a small sneak preview of Toronto’s best wedding vendors who will be in attendance at the WedLuxe Magazine bridal show being held at the Ritz Carton on Sunday, January 8th. They range from photographers, floral designers, cake designers, stationery designers, and so much more. Please don’t forget to stop by our booth which is just located on the inside of the first doorway of the ballroom – A15.

wedluxe magazine bridal show

Artistic Wedding Photographers and Cinematophers
5ive15ifteen photo company
Cloud Nine Creative
Fabulous Occasions
Jennifer Klementti Photography
Mango Studios
Mark Anthony Studios
Mimmo and Co.
Studio 2000
Verve Photo Co.
Visual Cravings

Floral Designers with that WOW Factor
Cool Green and Shady
CurlyGirl Flowers
Creations By Gitta
d & d floral designs
Dizennio Floral
Forget Me Not Flowers
Fuscia Designs
Jackie O/The Art of the Moment

Couture Wedding Invitations and Stationery
Cre8ive Invitations
Carte Blanche Design
Hip Ink!
Laura K Design
Palettera Custom Correspondences
Sentimenti Occasions
Paper and Poste
Paper Ideas
Small Impressions
The Little Letter Papery

Celebrated Cake Designers
Ayoma Cake Masterpieces
Bobbette & Belle Artisanal Pastries
Cake Opera Co.
Connie Cupcake
Cakes by Konstadin
Nadia’s Cake Creations
Patricia’s Cake Creations
Whimsical Wedding Cakes

Talented and Award Winning Make-Up Artists
Aglow by Joan
Jackie Gideon Beauty Bar
Nicole Richards and Co.
Faces By Carla
Lift Mobile Beauty

Fabulous Fashions
Ines Di Santo Bridal Salon
Sash and Bustle
Sarah Houston Couture Bridal
Studio Sposa
Pearl Bridal House
Valencienne Bridal Ltd.
Vera Wang Toronto-Hugo Nicholson

Must Have Gems, Jewels and Accessories
Nancy Ciccone
Blair Nadeau Millinery
Penwarden Jewellery
Pretty Bloom
Studio 1098
Tara Fava Jewellery

Weddings By Wendy (that’s us, and hopefully no one is going to be confused as we are in the process of rebranding and our new logo will be unveiled at this show. Look for the “AF” in the signage.)

Don’t forget, you can purchase your tickets on line for $25/each at Otherwise it is $35/each at the door. See you all in two weeks! Happy Holidays!!

Come to the WedLuxe Bridal Show January 8th, 2012!!

We’re getting really excited about the WedLuxe Bridal Show in January being held at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel in downtown Toronto. We’re heading out bright and early tomorrow morning to start picking up wonderful gifts for brides coming to visit our booth! There are a very limited number of these gifts so please make sure you come and visit our booth early during the day. Purchase your tickets on line now for convenience.

Cake Stand = Wedding Cake as Jewels = Wedding Gown

I recently had a bride ask me if a cake stand was really needed for her wedding cake. It actually made me stop and think. Quite frankly, I told her – I’d never seen a wedding cake displayed at a wedding without a stand. For me, a cake stand is the accessory to the wedding cake itself. Yes, the cake may have some really distinctive details already, but I believe you still need a cake stand. Just think about your own wedding gown. Does it not have pretty beadwork, lace patterns and/or and exquisite silhouette? With this incredible style, didn’t you just accesorize with a veil, tiara or hair pins, not to mention the bling bling jewellry? In my humble opinion, a wedding cake without a cake stand simply looks incomplete.

Essentially a cake stand is a decorative plate. Sometimes it can be elevated on legs or a pedestal. It is designed to draw attention to a dessert by elevating it closer to eye level and setting it apart from everything else on the table.

According to, cake stands were first mentioned in print in the 1600s when they were referred to as “salvers”. The original purpose of the cake stand had little to do with cake or decoration. They were used to serve everything from food to beer to guests. These serving trays were thought to help reduce spills on carpets and guests’ clothing. Salvers, or cake stands as they were later to be called, were introduced into the United States in 1770 and they quickly gained popularity for their style and functionality.

Here is one example of really elegant cake stands featured at a wedding planned by Asian Fusion Weddings that were produced by Wedding by Wendy.

This hexagon 3 tier wedding cake was accented with a pink cherry blossom motif and set on a round silver cake stand.

Chinese Wedding Planner quoted in Stacie Francombe’s Blog

How could anyone not love Asian-inspired weddings? They’re effortlessly elegant, always trendy, and suitable for any season. Most of all… they make for some gorgeous photography! Just check out the INSPIRATIONAL pics below.

According to Wendy Lee, who specializes in designing and producing Asian Fusion weddings, planning a successful Asian-style wedding is all about combining simple Asian elements with the bride and groom’s personalities. ”My favorite part is helping clients select various specific cultural components to complement the infusion of their individual personalities into their desired wedding. By blending the cultures together, it really makes the celebration truly unique and a distinct occasion. The food service segment is usually the most challenging aspect, especially if there’s a blended menu being offered.”

And what are some popular Asian Fusion trends in the industry right now? Wendy told me, “Brides want a modern Western fairytale wedding while infusing their heritage and making sure their parents are happy and respected as well. Most do not want a full traditional Asian wedding. They want to embrace the Western culture in which they have been a part of and live in now.” So with that being said, Wedding Vendors take note: Brides are loving Asian-themed ideas but still want to reflect Western elements. Just check out the photos below for some jaw-dropping examples…

Please visit her site for the inspiring photos….

Tip #2 for Having a Hot Summer Wedding in Toronto

It’s also great to offer chilled and/or flavoured water to guests. When it’s so hot outside, it’s really tempting for guests to wander indoors where the climate is air conditioned and want to stay there. So why not have some refreshments available to entice them to stay put. This way there’s no chance that they will miss your outdoor wedding ceremony.

Here are a few great water bottle labels examples found on Having coordinating water bottles to suit your wedding theme or colours would definitely make an impact.

This Camping Water Bottle Label would be perfect for a cottage type wedding.

This Morrocan Themed Water Bottle Label would make a perfect accent to many weddings that want that splash of colour.

This Wine Romance Water Bottle Label is ideal for that wedding held in a winery or has a Tuscan theme.

This Classic Orchid Water Bottle Label design is timeless.

You can always speak to your venue about adding natural or artificial flavors, herbs, and sweeteners to water. Be creative and have fun with this. Water doesn’t need to be “bland” or “boring”.

Top 5 Tips for Having a Hot Summer Wedding in Toronto

This is turning out to be one sizzling summer heat wave in Toronto. Many couples love having an outdoor wedding in Toronto. Given the temperatures this week, here are some tips on how to handle the heat at your wedding.

Wilting Flowers – fresh flower really can’t stand this excessive heat so make sure that you place them outside at the last possible moment. If the flowers end up completely fizzled out, then make sure you have a backup plan for the ceremony arrangements that you were going to place behind the head table that no longer look suitable.

Image courtesy of