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Chinese Wedding Planner incorporates Chinese wedding traditions

From time to time, we receive requests for consultation from Chinese brides or other brides wanting to incorporate Chinese wedding traditions. So if you enjoyed some of the photos featured in the previous blog post from the featured article about Amy and Dave’s wedding at Palais Royale, here’s a few more photographs to wet your appetite!

At AsianFusionWeddings, we sit down with our clients to ascertain what cultural aspects they want to incorporate and to what extent. We ensure that one cultural background does not overpower the other partner’s background. Thus creating a well infused wedding celebration.

Here are a few examples of what couple decided to do:

1) Attire – We were able to connect the bride up with a custom Chinese cheongsam wedding dress designer. We accompanied her to select the Chinese silk brocade fabric and get measurements done.

chinese wedding planner, cheongsam, palais royalepinthis

2) Tea ceremony – We helped with the set-up, scheduling and facilitation of this very intimate component of the Chinese wedding celebrations with their families. Some couples may not have the neccesary items like the kneeling cushions, tea set, etc. We can help secure these items as well.

chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, tea ceremony, palais royalepinthis

3) Cuisine – There were various traditional Chinese wedding banquet entrees that were featured throughout the reception. The food pairing became particularly important because there were guests with food allergies, religious dietary restrictions and general dietary preferences. Again, we were able to facilitate between the two caterers – the style of meal service to ensure a smooth flow in the kitchen, exquisite food presentations with the best chinaware, coordinate the seating so that the service staff would be able to provide the correct meal to the correct guest, liaise to ensure that there was the proper wine pairings, etc.

chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, palais royalepinthis

4) Entertainment – The Lion Dance is a beautiful way to incorporate joy and happiness into any Chinese wedding. The most important aspect to this entertainment is that the performers must appear and mimic a real lion. Once you have seen a few different troops like we have, you will be able to quickly assess for yourself which is the best team to hire for your celebrations. The other key item that you must consider is how the costumes are maintained – everything should be in good repair.

chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, lion dance, palais royalepinthis

5) Stationery – All the invitations, ceremony programs, place cards, and menus were designed in house. Some of these items were even bilingual – Chinese and English. This helps our couples have a totally unique and custom stationery set that is not available on the market. In house design translates into saving our clients time and ensures exclusivity for our clients.

chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, fan ceremony program, palais royalepinthis

chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, palais royalepinthis

chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, palais royalepinthis

6) Wedding Design – We designed the flow and utilization of the venue as well as helped the couple to incorporate the lucky red colour but to ensure that the ambiance was upscale with refined elegance. Some Chinese brides are so worried that this seemingly traditional colour can end up looking “tacky”, that they actually shy away from considering this colour at all. The particular shade of red that was finally chosen is a very rich looking red. It is truly far from being the tacky traditional red wouldn’t you agree?

chinese wedding planner, chinese wedding traditions, palais royalepinthis

chinese wedding planner, dahlia bouquet, peony bouquet, peonies bouquet, palais royalepinthis

There are other traditional Chinese Wedding elements that could have been incorporated if the couple had wanted to add them in.

So if you are looking for help planning your ultimate Chinese wedding, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout at We’d love to meet you!


Wedding Planner and Designer – Wendy Lee at
Photographer – Stephen Sager at Sager Photography
Wedding Cake – Shirley Nguyen at Shirley’s Sweet Creations
Ceremony Florals and Head Table Decor – Wendy Lee at
Centrepieces and Body Flowers – Amber at Cool Green and Shady

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