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Chinese wedding planner loves the blend of East meets West in Chinese wedding macarons!

So many wedding magazines and blogs have featured macarons recently and you being a Chinese bride loves them right?  But what happens if your Chinese wedding guests want something that is a little more Asian inspired in terms of taste and flavour?  For us at Asian Fusion Weddings, we’re all about infusing East and West together for our clients in their culturally infused wedding celebrations and feel that we have found the perfect item – beautifully hand made mini macarons by Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie in Singapore.


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What we really love is that they offer eight Asian-inspired flavours and then have them dressed up in a pretty palette of pastel coloured hues.  They offer Sakura – adorned with a blush of cherry blossom extract flown in from Northern Japan, Chinese Black Tea – velvety cream steeped with flavour and fragrance of freshly-brewed black tea, Pandan Kaya Coconut – infused with pandan leaves and rich coconut jam, topped with a dusting of coconut flakes, Yuzu Kinako – a delightful blend of smooth soybean with Japanese yuzu, a tangy citrus fruit with a subtly sweet aftertaste, Cashew Nut Praline – inspired by the cashew nut cookie popular during the lunar new year season and imbued with chocolate praline, Matcha Auki – a classic Japanese favouritey of green tea with a touch of red bean, Mango Jasmine – vanilla marmalde cream imbibed with a hint of jasmine, and Golden Sesame – creamy mily chocolate scented with freshly roasted sesame seeds.

We’re looking forward to trying these little goodies out!  How about you?  Please let us know if you’ve ever tried these before by commenting below.


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