Asian Fusion Weddings » East marries West for Double Happiness

Chinese Wedding Planner quoted in Stacie Francombe’s Blog

How could anyone not love Asian-inspired weddings? They’re effortlessly elegant, always trendy, and suitable for any season. Most of all… they make for some gorgeous photography! Just check out the INSPIRATIONAL pics below.

According to Wendy Lee, who specializes in designing and producing Asian Fusion weddings, planning a successful Asian-style wedding is all about combining simple Asian elements with the bride and groom’s personalities. ”My favorite part is helping clients select various specific cultural components to complement the infusion of their individual personalities into their desired wedding. By blending the cultures together, it really makes the celebration truly unique and a distinct occasion. The food service segment is usually the most challenging aspect, especially if there’s a blended menu being offered.”

And what are some popular Asian Fusion trends in the industry right now? Wendy told me, “Brides want a modern Western fairytale wedding while infusing their heritage and making sure their parents are happy and respected as well. Most do not want a full traditional Asian wedding. They want to embrace the Western culture in which they have been a part of and live in now.” So with that being said, Wedding Vendors take note: Brides are loving Asian-themed ideas but still want to reflect Western elements. Just check out the photos below for some jaw-dropping examples…

Please visit her site for the inspiring photos….

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