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Details about Bachelorette Ashley and JP’s tuxedo and rings

The Tuxedo…

It’s no surprise that JP wore  a tuxedo at his wedding nuptials and he chose to wear Hugo Boss.  I think that it’s a great thing when a groom pays particular attention to his own attire; especially when his bride is wearing a $145K wedding gown!!  Most grooms realize that the bride is to take centre stage; but many of them will overlook his own attire.  Grooms need to look just as sharp as the bride because as the groom, he will be standing next to her all day long!   Well here are some notes that guys should know about tuxedos below:

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Although this might cause some objections by some of the tuxedo rental retailers out there, there are some definite drawbacks to renting a tuxedo that does not fit like a glove.  If you have ever tried a rental tuxedo on, then you will know that there always seems to be something not quite right about it.  After all, a suit is not a suit, is not a suit.  Many guys who have never had something custom tailored specifically for them may not realize that the slope of their chest, the curve of their spine, the depth of their seat, the angle of their shoulders, etc. are different from other guys…so how can the standard rental tuxedo look great on everyone?  Something custom made means that you will also be able to select the weight of the wool fabric.  Did you know that some tuxedos are made out of polyester and not wool at all?  Yep, this is why some guys end up sweating to death in the summer sun.

At my very own wedding, I was likely more keenly aware than most brides; that not the same style of tuxedo was going to look great on every one of our groomsmen.  We had 6 guys.  One was 6 foot 2 inches, while another was 5 foot 4 inches.  We had one that had a 44 inch chest with 34 inch waist.  Therefore not the same style was going to suit each groomsman.  Therefore if the bride wants everyone to be in the same exact suit, it will likely need to be custom made to suit each man’s frame.

Some grooms might not appreciate the value in getting something custom made and feel that it is too expensive and not a wise investment.  I beg to differ.   If the bride is willing to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding gown that she will wear once, at least your custom made tuxedo can be wore at other functions besides the wedding.  The rate of return is higher on a tuxedo than on a wedding gown.


The Rings…

According to the, Neil Lane worked with the couple to design a handmade, platinum band with French-cut diamonds in the middle surrounded by round diamonds on the side.  And JP wanted something stylish and unusual, but not “blingy.” The result – a platinum band with a raised elliptical edge in the middle.

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To all those brides out there, are you going to encourage your grooms to get a custom made to measure tuxedo?  Please let us know by commenting below.

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