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Did you miss the Fete Chinoise experience at the Shangri-la Toronto? Part I

If you missed the Fete Chinoise experience that was held at Shangri-la Toronto on Saturday, November 14th for the benefit of the Mon Sheong Foundation – not to worry, we’ve taken a lot of photographs to be shared with you.  Mon Sheong Foundation is a charity founded in Toronto in 1964 to help the Chinese community of Toronto’s Chinatown.  Initially it was started to provide help for the elderly and promote Chinese cultural awareness.  It has grown into a larger charitable organization helping Chinese in the Greater Toronto Area.  Its long-term care facilities mainly provide services to Chinese seniors.

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When you arrived at the entrance way of the Shangri-la Toronto, you were greeted by several Porsche cars.  Downtown Porsche was one of the sponsors of the event.  For all those grooms that who love cars, these were some pretty sweet rides!!  However, we also noticed several other very nice luxury sports cars as well.

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When you entered the lobby foyer area, one of the hotel staff greeted you and guided you to the elevators where you ascended to the 3rd floor.  There were two beautiful displays of white and blue porcelain vases, urns and tea pots for guests to admire as they waited for the elevators.  A very nice nod to Chinese artistry that has become quite popular and timeless as well.

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Once you reached the 3rd floor, and the doors opened – was the Grand Entrance in the lobby area.  Situated in between the greeting desks, in the background was the display of Vera Wang wedding gowns – three in off white and two red ones.  There were different silhouettes, fabrics and textures.  The princess ballgown style is really on point right now and really hot in bridal fashion as so many couple are having a fairytale wedding experience.  Take for example the Taiwanese superstar (musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, director, and actor) Jay Chou who had an English fairy-tale wedding at Selby Abbey located in Yorkshire, northern England.  The wedding ceremony was followed by dinner at a hotel, then a party at Castle Howard.  Did you know that his bride wore a wedding gown designed by Canada’s very own Mikael D?

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fete chinoise vera wang white tulle ballgown Apinthisfete chinoise vera wang white lace gown ApinthisFrom that point, attendees were free to mingle and slowly move their way through the various vignettes and rooms that showcased various aspects of Chinese culture.  The corridors were lined with life size photographs from an array of Chinese weddings captured by various photographers in the city such as Ikonica and Wedding Editorials to name a few.

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Our first stop was to the “Dai Pai Dong” of Old Hong Kong in the King Room of the Shangri-la Hotel.  We enjoyed the taste of noodles made right in front of us, that were later presented in cute little Chinese take out containers.  The fragrance of sizzling oils and seasoning engulfed our senses – transporting us to the familiar smells when you walked the streets of Hong Kong and these little pop up restaurants would be commonly found everywhere.  While enjoying our hot noodles, we were able to watch slide shows of wedding photographs by Ikonica.  We couldn’t have been more proud to see our previous clients’ work on the screens.

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From there we strolled into the Photo Salon in the University Room at the Shangri-la Hotel, where Mango Studios were offering to take pictures of attendees in a vintage setting.  It was a great way to commemorate your experience with friends in a charming vignette at this fundraising event.  Down the hallway was where the main displays of the Marketplace were showcased in the Queen’s Park Ballroom I.  In the centre of this room was the traditional Lion dance custom on display.

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Around the perimetre of this room, were the Lion Dance drum display, the band, tea shack, Chinese red dress display, 24 karat Chinese bridal gold jewelry and jade jewelry display, as well as sweet treats that included seasame balls, egg tarts and a coconut tapioca pudding.  The Marketplace by all accounts, was meant to feel as though you had stepped into the glorious small market scene of years passed.  Pacific Mall and Market Village are some examples of recent shopping malls that attempt to mimic the congregation of various merchants in Hong Kong.

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The sweets that there were served were pop tart dumplings filled with black plum and earl grey jam.  This reminded us of the lotus paste filled balls that are covered with sesame seeds that commonly served during the Dim Sum hour at Chinese restaurants.  These sweets have a crispy exterior texture with an interior filling that is a warm smooth paste consistency.

fete chinoise market place sweetspinthis

This other delicious sweet was a pudding with coconut, tapioca pearls with a zip of mango.  It was definitely a treat that attendees were enjoying more than once!  The third sweet was the traditional egg custard tart with flaky pastry.

fete chinoise sweets 1Apinthis

If you were able to attend this fabulous inspiring event, please feel free to comment about your experience below.  We’d love to hear form you.

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