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Do Restaurants make good Wedding Ceremony, Reception, Venues?

There are literally thousands of places that you can host a fabulous Chinese wedding, Western wedding and/or an Asian Fusion Wedding in Toronto, New York, Vancouver or southern California wedding ceremony and wedding reception.  This week, we have chosen to focus on restaurant settings that can be used as potential wedding venues.  By definition, we have classified a restaurant as a place where people pay to sit and eat meals; that are cooked and served on the premises generally on a daily basis.

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Pros these spaces are fabulous because day in and day out, they are used to serving fabulous food fit for any wedding reception.  They are well oiled machines where service staff and kitchen staff work cohesively together.  If you are looking for a more intimate setting for your wedding reception, then a restaurant might be an ideal place.

Depending on the restaurant, a select few can hold large numbers of guests (like a few hundred) depending on the establishment.  Couples looking to host a Chinese wedding reception should generally have no worries about the quality of the food because they may already frequently dined at this place for other social occasions.

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Cons there may be a buyout requirement.  This mean that in order to hold a private wedding function there, you will need to pay for the entire restaurant so other patrons will not be dining if the restaurant doesn’t have a smaller private function room.  If your numbers are small, you may end up sharing the space with other non-wedding guests.  It might also be challenging to hold a wedding ceremony on site due to lack of space.  The extravagant wedding decor you had in mind might not be to be installed because of insufficient time for set up.  Chinese restaurants generally host dim sum services until 3:30pm.  By the time the restaurant clean and set up for a dinner reception – it will be closer to 5 pm.  This would not be ideal if you wanted tables, linens, chairs, back drop, lighting, etc. brought in because you would be paying for additional labour charges for rush set-up and installation.  Sight lines can also be a challenge depending on the restaurant layout (partitions, pillars, restaurant decor, etc.) and sometimes you may not be able to bring in your own wedding decor like chairs, etc. depending on storage capacity.

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