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Hair Do’s for the Korean Wedding Hanbok – Part I

So as we searched for information about the Korean Wedding Hanbok, we can across this fabulous information about hair do’s to match the traditional Korean attire on  With permission, we have featured their article on our blog.

Traditional hairdos for Korean women are largely divided into chignons, the most basic form, and graceful and elaborate ornamental arrangements.  Even today, they are worn on festive occasions or by brides having a traditional wedding. Here, the Chosun Ilbo takes a look at five options.
1. Plaited-braids
The plaited-braid was only allowed for unmarried women in the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910). The three-strand braid is tied with a long, red pigtail ribbon (daenggi) at the end, while an ornamental piece (baesssi daenggi) decorates the hair.



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