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Have a wedding in Toronto’s famous Castle – Casa Loma

Just because you are a Chinese bride or Southeast Asian bride, doesn’t mean that you should not have your very own princess fairytale wedding.  Some may feel that it can only be a Western bride that can have a Cinderella wedding – we beg to differ.  There is no better place for a fairytale wedding other than Toronto’s majestic Castle – Casa Loma.

Casa Loma is located at  1 Austin TerraceToronto.  It has five acres of gardens, and now both a museum and landmark.  It was originally a residence for financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt.  From 1997 until 2012 the castle underwent a 15-year, $33-million exterior restoration.

Image courtesy of – Photo of the entire Casa Loma building

casa loma building torontopinthis

In January 2014, the city entered a new long-term lease and operating agreement with Liberty Entertainment Group, led by President and CEO Nick Di Donato.  The group agreed to spend $7.4 million to continue the castle’s restoration, installing air conditioning, enhancing the special events and dining experience and integrating new technology for school and cultural programming.

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Due to its unique architectural character in Toronto, Casa Loma has been a popular location for movies and TV.  For example, it has served as a location for movies such as X-Men, Strange Brew, Chicago, The Tuxedo, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Warehouse 13,

Image courtesy of – Casa Loma’s main entrance

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Wendy actually considered hosting her wedding in this castle, but decided against it due to the lack of air conditioning and that it simply could not hold her rather large guest count of 600 guests.

Image courtesy of – entrance way for guests, bridal party, bride and groom to enter Casa Loma

casa_loma_wedding_photos_entrance torontopinthis

Image courtesy of –  The ConservatoryThe floor marble is Italian but the side panels are Ontario marble. Steam pipes kept the flower beds warm in the winter.  It is the  indoor space that is typically used for a wedding ceremony on site.


Interesting fact of Casa Loma that most probably wouldn’t realize, but Wikipedia cites that it during World War II, Casa Loma was used to conceal research on sonar, and for construction of sonar devices (known as ASDIC) for U-boat detection. It should be noted that most of the work went on behind an area simply segregated with an “Under Repairs” sign, behind a simple sheet. This allowed people to come and go dressed as workmen, right under the public’s nose.

Image courtesy of – another wedding ceremony where extensive external wedding decor was brought in to fulfill the couples’ design style

wedluxe casa loma wedding ceremonypinthis

Image courtesy of – dinner wedding reception set in The Library room

casa loma wedding reception torontopinthis

Image courtesy of – The Library – another wedding reception where extensive external wedding decor was brought in to fulfill the couples’ design style

casa loma wedding reception wedluxepinthis

Image courtesy of – The Glass Pavilion and Gardens – another spot perfect to host a wedding reception which gives the guest an outdoor feel.  It is operated from May – October and located in the East Garden of Casa Loma with stunning views of the city and the castle.  This special estate includes sparkling fountains, unique sculptures and display and rare florals.

SeanJones-CasaLoma-BestofToronto-2015-glass roompinthis

Besides the The Conservatory, The Glass Pavilion and the Library, other appropriate spaces for wedding celebrations depending on space utilization and guest count are the Great Hall, The Oak Room, The Terrace & Garden and the Billiard room.

Image courtesy of – The Great Hall

Casa-Loma-the great hall torontopinthis

Image courtesy of – the Terrace and Gardens

Gardens and terrace casa loma torontopinthis

Image courtesy of – the Oak Room

OakRoom casa loma torontopinthisImage courtesy of – the Oak Room
OakRoom2 casa loma torontpinthis

Image courtesy of – the Billiard and Smoking room

Billiard room casa loma torontopinthis

Image courtesy of – there are some beautiful spots for wedding photographs and here are just a few examples

Image courtesy of – couples standing in the Casa Loma gardens

casa loma fountain wedding photos torontopinthis

Image courtesy of www.rowellphoto.comcouple in the garden path


Please feel free to comment below if you are intending to have a Cinderella princess theme wedding.  We’d love to hear about your ideas and inspirations.

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