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Through the years, we have received so many kinds words of praise, gratitude and thankfulness.  We are truly humbled and blessed!  Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your special day.


Using Wendy Lee’s services for our July wedding was a great decision. Because we are both pretty busy with our careers, Wendy’s attention to detail was instrumental to our wedding preparations. Her communication style is open and honest, and her knowledge of Chinese wedding customs was extremely helpful when planning a day to complement both our families. She also is practical and down to earth, which was reflected in the patient manner with which she worked with everyone involved in the wedding (including those with big personalities!).

Very early in the process, Wendy listened carefully to our visions and helped us secure a beautiful, lake-front venue which was picture-perfect for our outdoor ceremony. Thanks to Wendy’s contacts and negotiations, we were the first wedding at this high-demand venue to feature a Chinese caterer! Early on, she also set up convenient same-day appointments (sometimes in the same location) with her excellent vendor contacts. This was extremely helpful, since there are thousands of vendors in the Toronto area. We were especially impressed with her vendors who provided the Chinese catering, photography, DJ services, ceremony musicians, cake, and cheongsam. Wendy also helped us with stationary: we collaborated in the creation of our own personalized and stylish invitations, ceremony program fans, menu cards, and napkin holders, all in tune with our colours and themes. She was also flexible enough to work alongside vendors that we found on our own, as well.

During the day of our wedding, Wendy was visible and involved with the busy schedule. She helped to orchestrate our tea ceremony, which was a beautiful welcome for our close family members. During the day, we didn’t have to worry about a thing: Wendy greeted and organized the vendors, made sure the décor was set up just was we had envisioned, and made sure that the schedule was running smoothly. In particular, our Chinese wedding meal (which included three Chinese courses, and a Western main course) was executed and timed perfectly with the speeches. Wendy was always around during the day to ask us how we were doing. We also got to eat our entire wedding meal! The entire night ran very smoothly, and we received multiple complements from our parents, friends and family about how beautiful the wedding was and how relaxed we seemed. We were truly able to enjoy the most important day of our lives, and actually had the time to laugh and socialize with our beloved guests, without worrying about logistical details.

All in all, our wedding was beautiful and reflected our personalities, families, cultures and love as a couple. Thank you Wendy!

~Amy Yu and Dave Paskar


Dear Wendy,

James and I knew from the get go that we needed a wedding planner.  We needed somebody that can mix our vague wedding idea into reality.  We wanted somebody that can translate both our cultures with class and beauty.  And the referral let us to you.

We didn’t know how much we would benefit from having a wedding planner until about a month and half before the wedding when our venue decided to tell us they were going to renovate during our wedding day and we were left to find another venue within 4 weeks.  I was frantic, knowing everything was complete and now we don’t have a place to have it.  You were truly awesome, talking and negotiating with the venue and in the end, they decided to postpone the renovation until after our wedding.  That 3 weeks was hell for us, but you re-assured me every step of the way that we were going to have a fantastic wedding and of course we sure did, all because of you.

The wedding was beautiful, every guest was happy and surprised with the level of entertainment, design and effort that went into that night. 

Thank you for your help with our floral design, the design of the whole wedding and every detail to perfection.

Cheers to happily ever after, Vivian and James