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Plan and get married in Toronto in 9 days! Might set a record says Toronto Wedding Planner.

A speedy wedding might not be in the cards for everyone, but sometimes it is. My very own speedy record was planning my sister’s wedding in Ottawa. The whole celebration was planned and executed in just a mere 3 weeks. The next shortest time line I had was just shy of 3 months.

There are absolutely advantages and disadvantages to a short engagement period when it comes to wedding planning in Toronto. Here is the complete story featured in the National Post about the bride, Laura Simpson, a principal at lifestyle publicity firm Empire PR – who planned her Toronto wedding in a mere number of days.

For further details, our good friend Janine Falcon comments further about the celebrations.

Congratulations to the Happy Couple!! If you had a really short engagement, we’d love to know how you did it so please feel free to comment and post.

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