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Planning a luxury Toronto wedding? Here’s the first 3 steps…

Congratulations on becoming engaged over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays!  Now that the excitement has finally started to settle in, you’re probably wondering what to do next as a Toronto bride planning her fabulous wedding.

1) The first step in planning your Toronto wedding, should NOT be to buy a wedding gown.  We actually recommend that you DO NOT go out and get a wedding gown right away and wait until some of your planning has already done.  The first step is to sit down with your fiance and figure out what sort of wedding you want.  Although you may not have concrete ideas just yet, perhaps you can do some day dreaming together to come up with a joint rough draft of what the two of you have envisioned.  Some couples have a clear road map of what direction to go; while others do not.  The discussion might be about the kind of ambiance and feel you want to create for your guests to experience.  It might centre around a wedding theme.  This could also very easily translate into your wedding style.  Take a few days, weeks or even months if you have the luxury of time just to enjoy the engagement period and dream of what the future wedding celebrations might look like.


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2) The second step has to do with setting a wedding budget and consider the financial implications of hosting a Toronto wedding.  Do you have money set aside already or do you have some idea of what the actual cost of having a Toronto wedding is?  Some of the clients that meet with us ask what’s the average Toronto wedding budget.  We let them know that what each couples spends is different because what each couple WANTS versus NEEDS is different.  However, we can provide general wedding budget advice for couples getting married that serves as a guideline or reference point.

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3)  Now that completed steps 1 & 2, it’s time for step 3 – start looking for that ideal geographical location.  Are you going to get married in a major urban city like Toronto, Vancouver, or New York city.  Perhaps you might want something along the west coast of California where you can have year around sunshine and possibly an outdoor wedding ceremony and dinner reception?  If you are thinking about a luxury destination wedding location, have you considered Bali to host your once in a lifetime exotic wedding celebration?  Once you decide where in the world, literally speaking you want to get married – then you will refine your search to finding the perfect venue to host your wedding.


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Still got questions about how to get started in planning your wedding in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, California and Bali?  We’d love to hear from you.  We offer a range of services and will custom tailor a planning program that is just right for you.  We can be contacted via email or phone.

Don’t forget to drop by the WedLuxe bridal show on Sunday, January 5th to our booth B12 (located in the ballroom) and say hello!  We’d love for you to enter into our contest.

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