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Pretty Picturesque Northern California Castles for Weddings

Our focus for California weddings has predominantly been on Southern California.  However, we have found some delightful Castles in Northern California that would be a wonderful settings for wedding ceremonies and/or wedding receptions as well.  The Castello di Amorosa is so stunning, that we feel that it is worthy of a blog post all on its own!

Castello di Amorosa – The Amorosa Winery Castle is located in the beautiful Napa Valley in Northern California at 4045 North Saint Helena Highway which is also Highway 29 in Calistoga. The Amorosa Winery Castle or Castello di Amoroso opened in 2007 and was built by wine maker Daryl Sattui to showcase his vineyards and wines. The castle cost around $30 million to build and took 14 years and includes 107 rooms spread out over 121,000 square feet. Amorosa Castle is open for tours, wine tasting and even wine making classes.  If you never thought that you would be able to have a Chinese wedding  in an Italian winery, think again.  They have both outdoor spaces and indoor spaces available and it does provide that Italian ambiance with flair.  The architectural detailing is superb and makes the perfect setting for any wedding photographs.

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According to the Castello di Amorosa website, it features several different event spaces that would be great for a wedding reception and we have listed them here for you to review.

The Great Hall – For that decadent multi-course meal or when the Knights come in for that rowdy Medieval banquet, the Baron of the Castello entertains in the Great Hall and now so can you. With its hand-painted Italian frescoes, and Umbrian fireplace, the Great Hall is the Castello’s most prestigious and most sought after room.  It seats up to 180 guests.

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great hall castello di amorosa 1pinthis

great hall castello di amorosapinthis

CdA_Great Hall_Lounge Dancing Set Up (17)-Lpinthis

Grand Barrel Room – This is one of our favorite spots because it can host a large Chinese wedding!!  At 12,000 square feet, the Grand Barrel Room is an architectural masterpiece with its 40 ribbed, Roman cross-vaults all constructed from ancient brick shipped from Europe. This room includes a 40 foot, hand crafted travertine tasting bar and is our largest room for entertaining – perfect for your large event!  It seats up to 300 guests.

grand barrel room castello di amorosapinthis

grand barrel room castello di amorosa 2pinthisgrand barrel room castello di amorosa 3pinthisgrand barrel room castello di amorosa 4pinthis

The Courtyard is located in the heart of the Castello and is surrounded by walls of hand-squared stone and ancient brick, Tuscan-style breezeways and loggias. Courtyards were the center life in any Medieval palace, so it remains for your event; central, picturesque stunning. Vibrant during the day, but majestic and regal at night, a unique wine and food pairing – alfresco – awaits you.  It can seat up to 300 guests.

castello di amorosa courtyardpinthisCastle Courtyard_JSullivan-XLpinthiscastello di amorosa courtyard 1pinthisCourtyard from Above_Misc 61011 110_tonemapped-Lpinthis

The Lower Courtyard – Just a few steps down and adjacent to our main courtyard is this centrally located but autonomous space. During daytime events this courtyard allows you to have a group luncheon separately while still feeling a part of the life of the Castello. For evening events, this space is ideally used in conjunction with our main Courtyard for lounge seating, special entertainment or dinner service.  It seats up to 80 guests.

CdA_Lower Courtyard (3)-LpinthisCdA_Lower Courtyard (19)-Lpinthis

Details Bealieu Garden & Castello de Amorosapinthis

CdA_Lower Courtyard (15)-Lpinthis

Il Passito Room – The secluded and lavish Il Passito Room, perched high above the Courtyard, sets you apart from the Castello’s daily grind. It normally functions as our Wine Club Member’s room Friday through Sunday; however, it is available for private events during weekdays or evening hours. This room has the capacity to host private tastings for large groups as well as wine and food pairings. Seats up to 80.

CdA_Il Passito Room (3)-LpinthisCdA_Il Passito Room Other (3)-LpinthisCdA_Il Passito Room Other (2)-Lpinthis

Il Passito Patio – Just outside of the Il Passito room is this hidden gem of the Castello. This secluded terrace has views of the hilltop watchtower as well as the crushpad below. It is also only a few steps from Lake Mario. Enjoy an outdoor grill event on the patio complete with a built in barbecue. An excellent venue for a simple luncheon or an open air reception. Open to the hillside, but unknown to most patrons of the Castello, it boasts some of the best sunset views in the Diamond Mountain region.  Seats up to 100

il passito patio castello di amorosapinthisil passito patio castello di amorosa 1pinthisil passito patio castello di amorosa 2pinthisil passito patio castello di amorosa 3pinthis

The Fourth Cellar – In the deepest parts of the castles winding tunnels and barrel filled hallways this beautifully vaulted room is tucked away waiting for your private meeting or luncheon.  One of the most ideal spaces for private functions during the day this space is the lowest point in the castle and can easily accommodate up to 70 guests.  So if you love that cellar look and don’t have a huge wedding, then this might be an ideal spot for your wedding reception.

fourth cellar castello di amorosapinthisfourth cellar castello di amorosa 2pinthis

Terrace – With breathtaking views of the Napa Valley, Calistoga and Mount Saint Helena, the Terrace offers a beautiful open air gathering place ideally nestled between the Castello towers. A perfect location for wine and canapé receptions accommodating, or an ideal area for alfresco wine and food pairings.  It can seat up to 80 guests.

CdA_Terrace (3)-X2pinthisCdA_Terrace (5)-LpinthisCdA_Terracepinthis

South Tower Terrace – Climb the winding stair case of our South Tower and explore the workings of our drawbridge on your way to this secluded gallery. Enjoy a standing reception or seated luncheon for up to 40 guests. Like the North Tower, the views are unparalleled, but the ascent up the stairs is not for the faint of heart.

CdA_South Tower Terrace (2)-LpinthisCdA_South Tower Terrace (1)-LpinthisCdA_South Tower Terrace (3)-Lpinthis

Sunken Courtyard – This deep and rustic open air courtyard is set within the confines of the Castello ramparts. Typically cooler and more shaded than our other open air venues, this spot shields your view of the modern world around you. Ideal for receptions up to 60 and seated luncheons. Although passers by may be able to sneak a peek at your special occasion, rest assured they will never find their way to this hidden jewel.

sunken courtyard castello di amorosapinthissunken courtyard castello di amorosa 1pinthissunken courtyard castello di amorosa 2pinthis

Royal Apartment – For unparalled experiences, the Royal Apartment allows unique, intimate and opulent encounters for gatherings. This is an area of the Castello rarely seen by the public, but is exclusively available to you. The Royal Apartment can accommodate seated wine and food pairings, or if used in conjunction with the Royal Loggia, an intimate standing soirée for up to 22 guests.  This might be the perfect spot for a Chinese tea ceremony or a place for the bridal party to hang out.

royal apartment castello di amorosapinthis

Lake Mario – Set at the most distant part of the property lays a lush, green location for your next casual outdoor event. Our ancient, moss-covered bridge leads you to existing picnic table seating, additional seating will allow even more useable space for guests. With the Castello in the background, nature surrounds you as you are serenaded by local wildlife. There is no other location like this on our property.  It can accommodate up to 120 guests.  This space provides a relaxed sense of elegance.

CdA_Lake Mario (6)-LpinthisCdA_Lake Mario (7)-LpinthisCdA_Lake Mario (2)-Lpinthis

Bocce Courts and Water Tower – Some of the best views of the Napa Valley can be found alongside our Bocce Courts and Water Tower; set at the far side of the property above our lake and just a short uphill hike from our Il Passito Patio sits this tranquil area.   The perfect space for outdoor BBQ events, or corporate team building Bocce tournaments we offer this unique space to outdoor enthusiasts looking for a great view of the castle grounds and valley beyond. Seats up to 60.

bocce and water towerpinthisbocce and water tower 1pinthis

North Tower – Elevated high above the Castello, is one of the most quaint and private locations. With picturesque 360° views of the Napa Valley and the Castello below, this platform will allow a petite party for a reception or a seated luncheon. Don’t take this tall tower lightly!  This is an ideal spot to have a private and romantic marriage proposal.  This spot can accommodate up to 12 guests.


Il Ducale Room – Hidden in the depths of the Castello, past winding tunnels, caves and barrels galore, lies one of the Castello’s best kept secrets . This unique meeting space allows your very closest friends and family to enjoy an exclusive and elegant location for your next clandestine meeting. This petite space sets your secretive mood perfectly!



These last two locations are commonly used for marriage proposal areas.  You will have approximately 30 minutes of privacy to enjoy the stunning views and expression of love as you start the next chapter of life together as a newly engaged couple.  We also plan engagement or marriage proposals, so please let us know if we can be of assistance.  For a limited time, we will roll over 50% of the engagement planning fee into your future wedding planning investment.

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Whether you need wedding planning assistance or wedding day coordination, Wendy can help you design your most memorable wedding day. CONTA11CT HER today, she’d love to hear from you.


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