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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s Stunning Wedding Cake

The first item you need in a celebrity style wedding is the perfect venue.  The second element you need is a beautiful designer wedding gown.  The third component of a celebrity style wedding is to have a magnificent wedding cake.  Sofia and Joe did it right when they hired world renown cake designer Sylvia Weinstock to produce their wedding cake that featured a quilted design and topped with a giant floral arrangement.  The first two images are from Sofia’s Instagram feed.


They cut the bottom layer of the towering masterpiece. The Sylvia Weinstock creation sat atop a bed of fuchsia and white orchids and featured a variety of white sugar flowers that are realistic-looking on alternating tiers.  Sofia-Vergara-Joe-Manganiello-Wedding-cake Apinthis

Image courtesy of www.sheknows.comSofia-Vergara-Joe-Manganiello-Wedding-cake Bpinthis

Here’s another photo of their opulent wedding cake.  Image courtesy of


A few years back, we were fortunate enough to work on a wedding where Sylvia’s cake was served – it was heaven!  We were also told to keep some of her amazing sugar flowers as a keepsake.

Please let us know what inspires your dream wedding cake by commenting below!

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