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What kinds of Wedding Receptions Venues are Available?

There are literally thousands of places that you can host a fabulous Chinese wedding, Western wedding and/or an Asian Fusion Wedding in Toronto, New York, Vancouver, southern California and Bali wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception.  It would actually be really overwhelming if you were to take a tour and look at ALL of them.  You would simply have no other time to plan your wedding celebrations because the search for your ideal wedding venue could be endless.

Generally the first step newly engaged couples do is hire a professional wedding planner who will facilitate a wedding ceremony and wedding reception search. Other couples will initially start off doing their own search and soon realize that the are in need of some assistance.

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To make things easier, over the next several weeks, we have broken the wedding reception venues into some categories and then listed out some pros and cons for each.  We will also provide some examples of venue ideas in each respective geographical location.  These wedding venues are NOT listed in any particular order.  Please feel free to comment below about your Toronto, New York, Vancouver and southern California wedding reception venue search and how you ended up choosing the your picture perfect place.

Wendy is a Toronto WEDDING PLANNER whose specialty is “East marries West” weddings in Greater Toronto Area, New York area, Vancouver area, Los Angeles, Southern California and in the beautiful destination of Bali, Indonesia.

Whether you need wedding planning assistance or wedding day coordination, Wendy can help you design your most memorable wedding day. CONTACT HER today, she’d love to hear from you.



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