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What??? Ontario Government shredding Your Marriage Licence?

A recent post on Facebook by an Ottawa officiant, garnered a lot of attention.  Apparently notice was given by the Ontario government that it was going to shred your marriage licence if they were returned in the prepaid, self-addressed envelope.  This essentially meant that postage paid envelopes would no longer be honored. From now on, postage must be paid by the sender.  Perhaps this move is a cost saving measure for the government?

Here’s image of the letter this person posted:

ontario marraige licensepinthis

Since this posting drew such attention – someone from government office actually contacted him to clarify the government’s intended timelines.  Here is the updated link to the wedding chaplain website:

ontario marriage licence letterpinthis

ontario marriage licence letterpinthis


The government will NOT be shredding marriage licences, and the envelopes will be honored until December 2016.  Boy, I’m sure everyone is happy to hear that there is an extension of 1 year.  However, why risk your marriage license getting lost in the mail.  Simply drop it off for processing at your local government branch.  Happy Wedding Planning!!


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