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Carina + Max

Carina + Max – Estates of Sunnybrook (McLean House)

This was the first wedding where Asian Fusion Weddings planned everything over phone, email, and Skype. Wendy actually met this lovely couple and their parents for the first time at the wedding rehearsal!

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Max contacted us first since he was available while Carina was travelling for work in China. After a good long chat, he knew that Wendy was the right person to plan their wedding. Even though both Carina and Max live and work in China, Wendy was still able to do all the planning, designing and production based on their hearts’ desires and visions.


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Since Max’s parents were local in Toronto, they helped with some of the wedding planning. They attended the food tasting, listened to the entertainment options, and facilitated the RSVP’s cards. Carina and Max relied heavily on Wendy’s expertise in securing all the elements and creative team partners on their behalf. Asian Fusion Weddings handled the creation of the wedding invitations, wedding ceremony programs, place cards, all the wedding flowers and wedding décor items.


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Wendy helped infuse cultural elements that would be reflective of both Carina’s Chinese/Mongolian heritage as well as Max’s Russian backgrounds.  During the wedding reception, the guests witnessed a Mongolian tea ceremony. The colour red is symbolic for both Carina and Max. This became the central wedding theme colour. Wendy was able to showcase an abundance of red roses and red stemware in the wedding décor with her floral team. Carina’s white bridal gown, Chinese red dress and gold jewellery were custom made in China.


During the wedding, Wendy was able to find a professional interpreter for Carina’s parents so that they would be able to converse with all the other guests and families without any impediment. At the end of the evening, Max’s father gave Wendy a big hug and said “we could never have done this without you”.  A big round of applause to Rosetta Li Weddings for these great wedding photographs.


If you are thinking about having a wedding at an estate property or another unique wedding space, please get in touch with us at We’d love to discuss how we can work with you! Here’s a testimonial from Carina and Max.

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