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Rosie + Jacky

Rosie + Jacky – I’m so BLUE for you at a Banquet Hall

Rosie and Jacky both live and work in the hustling city of Hong Kong. They were back in Toronto for a couple of weeks enjoying their summer holidays and initially trying to plan the wedding on their own. They had met Wendy earlier on during their Toronto vacation, but wanted to give themselves the opportunity to try their hand at wedding planning. Two days before their departure, they reached out to Wendy again to hire her as their wedding planner as they were not returning to Toronto until just a few days before the wedding date.  They realized, they needed some help pulling their dream wedding together.

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Wendy sprung into action while the couple went about rearranging their flight schedules to stay an additional week in Toronto. Wendy first guided them on tours of several Greater Toronto Area potential wedding venue options. During that week, they also met all their major wedding suppliers that included wedding photographers, videographers, wedding cake designers, hair stylist, make-up artists, DJ and limousine providers. After their return back to Hong Kong, Wendy conducted Skype calls to receive their feedback about which wedding vendors they felt a special connection with in order for Wendy to then follow up and start negotiating their wedding contracts.

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The outcome was one spectacular experience. Even though there were some challenges for the couple; like not being able to participate in the food tasting – their best man and maid of honour stepped in to ensure that the food would exceed the guests’ expectations. The venue provided generous portions and tantalizing tastes wow’ed everyone. It was a fabulous blend of traditional Chinese foods and Western courses throughout the night.

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Wendy also searched high and low for the perfect hotel room located downtown Toronto, where they would have the perfect setting for the traditional Chinese pick-up the bride door games played in the morning of the wedding. Even though there was a sprinkle of rain, it didn’t dampened the couple’s spirits. Wendy worked her magic and was even able to bring back the hair stylist for last minute touch ups for the bride and bridesmaids right before the mid-afternoon wedding ceremony  as a last minute request by the bride.

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Upon arrival at the venue, Wendy’s team started to fold the silver napkins to display the wedding reception’s menu card. The banquet hall staff had never seen this type of napkin fold before and appreciated being taught how to execute it to enhance the ambiance in the ballroom. When Rosie and Jacky entered the transformed room, they were completely overwhelmed with the stunning end result. The room was set initially for the wedding ceremony, then bathed in purple lighting for the dinner portion of the wedding reception and finally transformed with blue lighting for guests to dance the night away.

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dramatic lighting wedding receptionpinthisEach table was graced with a tall crystal candelabra and centrepiece of blue dendrobium orchids produced by the Asian Fusion Weddings floral team. The DJ even jokingly said to Wendy; “don’t burn the place down” when he saw the hundreds of candles romantically flickering away. Both Rosetta Li Weddings photography and In the Moment Production videography were impressed with the overall picturesque feel of the space.

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While Rosie sat in a chair to pause and reflect before the start of the ceremony, she asked Wendy – “this must have taken a long time to do”. Wendy smiled and said, “yes. But it is so much fun to do!” During the bride and groom’s speeches, Jacky commented that their parents never thought they would be able to pull it off from abroad. However, Jacky said that he was confident that there would be no issues because they had Wendy by their side!

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If you are thinking about having a wedding at a banquet hall and worry that it’s going to look like every other banquet hall, please get in touch with us at We’ll created a space that will melt all your fears away. Here’s a snap shot from Rosie and Jacky’s wedding.

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