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Meet Wendy

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Lead Planner and Designer

Falling in love with weddings is how Wendy started her wedding planning business over 15 years when she founded Weddings by Wendy, now known as Asian Fusion Weddings. She relishes the romantic dreams from the engagement proposal to the last dance, thrives on the seamless synchronicity of all the different wedding details, and basks in the excitement and joy of her clients as the magical day unfolds. For her, success means ensuring that all weddings fulfill their practical planning requirements, exceeds their emotional longings and captures their imagination with artistic flair.

Wendy brings a wealth of knowledge to Chinese weddings as well as other East Asian weddings that extends well beyond planning a wedding or just handling the logistics of the wedding day. Her Chinese heritage also gives her the special insights on the emotional side of familial expectations, cultural requirements, and how to act as the go between parents and the couple when required. Her language assets have been called upon when dealing with Chinese caterers, wait staff and chefs whose primary language is not English. She often interfaces with guests during the wedding to ensure that they are enjoying the wedding experience.

She is able to assist clients in planning their intimate celebrations of 20 guests, to large distinct occasions of 1000 guests in the most exclusive wedding venues around the world where they can showcase fabulous decor and award winning design. With each new couple, she continues to be inspired to help create something as unique as the couple themselves. For Wendy, weddings are all about true love and this is what ignites her passion in the wedding industry.

Wendy has been a co-producer of a local Toronto Chinese wedding show. She has been a guest speaker at the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada conference and educator of working with Asian clients at The Special Event Conference in California. She has also been involved with staff education about Chinese weddings at the exclusive bridal boutique of Kleinfelds Canada located at the Hudson’s Bay. Wendy has been featured in an array of media that includes Metro News, Huffington Post, Lavish Dulhan and Female Brides Magazine in Singapore. To keep current, she regularly attends various local and international conferences/workshops such as Karen Tran’s master floral design course to continually enhance her skills and expertise.


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