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How to confirm your auspicious wedding date

Some of our Asian clients are closely bound to seeking out the auspicious wedding date for their American Chinese or Canadian Chinese wedding, while others are not overly concerned.  The choice is really up to the bride, groom and their parents.  There really is no “right” or wrong answer as each couple and their family’s are unique.  However, this is usually the first step each couple and their families negotiates when considering an Asian fusion wedding or Asian inspired wedding.

If you are thinking about selecting an auspicious wedding date, then you might considering meeting a Feng Shui master.  Paul Ng is a local Greater Toronto Area Feng Shui master (WWW.PAULNG.COM) who helps couples select an auspicious date for their wedding.  His wedding date consultation appointments take about 1/2 hour and before you meet up with him, you will need the following information:

1) The bride’s birthdate (day, month, year and time)

2) The groom’s birthdate

3) The bride’s mother’s birthdate

4) The bride’s father’s birthdate

5) The groom’s mother’s birthdate

6) The groom’s father’s birthdate

Some couples hire us to plan their wedding after they have their date picked, while others book  our wedding planning services first and then proceed from there.  By seeking out the key professionals early on in the wedding planning process, you can be more assured that everything will fall into place for your Asian themed wedding.    

In addition to selecting this important date, Paul can also do “life readings”.  He helps forecast when and if any potential problems times lie ahead and how to counterbalance this issues before they arise.   An ounce of prevention is sometimes worth its weight in gold.

Wendy is a Toronto WEDDING PLANNER whose specialty is “East marries West” weddings in the Greater Toronto Area, New York area, Vancouver area, Los Angeles area, Southern California and in the beautiful destination of Bali, Indonesia.

Whether you need wedding planning assistance or wedding day coordination, Wendy can help you design your most memorable wedding day. CONTACT HER today, she’d love to hear from you.


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