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Meaning of Flowers for Weddings in Toronto

Here is the list of flowers featured on Will and Kate’s wedding cake. Kate carefully selected each one of them for their desired meaning.

Rose (white) – national symbol of England
Daffodil – national symbol of Wales, new beginnings
Shamrock – national symbol of Ireland
Thistle – national symbol of Scotland
Acorns, oak leaf – strength, endurance
Myrtle – love
Ivy – wedded love, marriage
Lily of the valley – sweetness, humility
Rose (bridal) – happiness, love
Sweet William – grant me one smile
Honeysuckle – the bond of love
Apple blossom – preference, good fortune
White heather – protection, wishes will come true
Jasmine (white) – amiability
Daisy – innocence, beauty, simplicity
Orange blossom – marriage, eternal love, fruitfulness
Lavender – ardent attachment, devotion, success, and luck

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