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Thinking about having an Outdoor Garden Wedding?

We hope that you have been enjoying our series of blog posts lately on finding the perfect venue for your wedding – whether it be a Chinese wedding, Persian wedding, Indian wedding, or any other cultural wedding.  We have featured restaurants, hotels, and castles that could possibly be your dream wedding reception venue thus far.

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Our next series will focus on wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions held in gardens spaces.  For us, a garden space is defined as a space where the lawn is regularly manicured and there are plenty of flowers, shrubs and other plant materials highlighting the landscape.  A garden is symbolic in some religions.  One example we found was in Islam ( if one sees himself looking at a garden, and if he is unmarried, it means that he will meet a suitable woman and get married.

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Pros – Garden weddings are really great if you can host a private and secluded celebration.  The natural outdoor space is ideal for wedding photographs given the lush textures and colours of the various plant materials.  An intuitive wedding theme naturally arises due to the soft romantic ambiance that Mother Nature has also created.  Some gardens may allow you to pitch a tent to transform the space; thus giving you the maximum potential to design what ever space you could ever imagine.  Other gardens may have a natural focal point for your wedding ceremony such as an archway, majestic fountain or water feature, stone wall, bridge etc.

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Cons – Many gardens tend to be a public space, so you may end up having a few strangers mingling about near your celebrations.  Often times garden spaces are not enclosed, so you will need to take into consideration the climate elements which include heat, sun, rain, and wind when planning your wedding.  Little critters may also be part of your guests’ wedding experience such as bees, mosquitoes, flies, etc.  Guests will have certain expectations of what a garden wedding should look like or be like high heels can become a true challenge to walk on.  Since it is an outdoor space, there may be noise level restrictions or even a curfew when the party must end.   You will also need to be mindful of locations and availability of washroom facilities.

If you end up needing to pitch a tent, this will definitely add to your overall budget unless there is an indoor space already on the premises.  If it is really warm, then you will need to be careful when selecting your menu items as food may melt and spoil (nix the cheese display, seafood, anything with mayonnaise).  You might want to consider steering away from a buttercream-iced wedding cake that will likely melt and look like a mess.

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If you have planned, or in the midst of planning a garden wedding – we’d love to hear from you so please post comments below.

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