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Prince Charles Admiring Will Heart Kate Photo

Canadian-Made Wedding Gift a Hit with Will and Kate

Royal couple hearts Alphabet Photography


Niagara Falls, Ontario-based Alphabet Photography Inc. was delighted to be thanked by Prince William and Kate Middleton after the company’s UK distributor, Michael Wise, presented Prince Charles with a custom frame for the royal couple.

Wise presented Prince Charles with the “Will heart Kate” framed work of art at the Ideal Homeshow in London. At that time, Prince Charles told Wise that he was very impressed with the piece and thought the gift was “smashing.” A few days later, Wise received a letter from Prince William and Kate that not only thanked the company for the gift but added that it was the most personalized and unique gift they have seen.

“When Michael called me to tell me the news, I honestly thought he was joking,” said Jennifer Blakeley, founder of Alphabet Photography Inc. “We’re so honoured and humbled that the Royal Couple now owns a piece of Official Alphabet Photography. We can only hope that they pay a visit to our hometown and honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara Falls, when they visit Canada.”

Official Alphabet Photography is the process of photographing images that resemble letters of the English alphabet, then arranging the photographs together to create a name or word. The company’s letter art features photos from around the world, including images from New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom and France.

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